NFPUG & EU Switch-Asia’s STeP EcoLab project

NFPUG’s role

NFPUG Union provides to the EU’s Sustainable Textile Production and Ecolabelling in Mongolia (STeP EcoLab) program, its expertise on best practices on raw material sustainability, quality improvement and control and sustainable certification, and their relative tranings.

NFPUG jointly managed STeP EcoLab project aims at supporting herder Cooperatives supply chain, and the Cashmere sector, in adopting sustainable sourcing and production practices and simultaneously improve the branding for sustainable products, optimise cost-saving measures and reach out to climate finance and diversify the portfolio of customers. 

NFPUG’s unique background & STeP EcoLab will strive to leverage key drivers of sustainable consumption and production in Mongolia by consolidating sustainable and certified raw material sourcing options meeting markets expectations; developing a conducive environment for textile processing SMEs to switch to sustainable production practices; and raising customers’ and consumers’ awareness of Mongolian Sustainable Noble fibers.