In March 2021, USTR and USAID held an official event at the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar to officially present to the Government of Mongolia their “Cashmere Sector report”.

The programmatic document follows 2018 U.S. Congress’ Bill 115 hr 6636, which contains a very accurate analysis of the Cashmere Sector and its strategic importance, also from a Geopolitical point of view.

USAID’s and USTR’s report, officially endorses NFPUG as the “focal point for the Mongolian cashmere” international branding and trading, and it highlight the importance of the steps which are being undertaken to brand Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere, which accounts as Mongolia’s second largest GDP.

The report also provides a precious outlook about the risks caused by some “privately driven” NGOs which are trying to overtake Nomadic Herder’s legitimation on the market (!), lobbying also on behalf of the largest Chinese corporations at high level.