The Government of Mongolia and its Ministry of the Light Industry and Agriculture (MOFALI), run the so called “Green Gold of Mongolia” workgroup jointly with Swiss Government’s SDC’s and several other GoM’s Agencies and Organizations, which established the National Federation of Pastor User Groups Union (NFPUG).

NFPUG is a non for profit, non-government Union, with open membership and serving the public, which represents about 1/3 of the total Mongolian population.

NFPUG and the Government of Mongolia work closely to support a genuine, truly Sustainable, Cashmere fiber value chain.

In 2021, “Livestock number taxation law” has been approved and now is in force, “Responsibile Nomads” Code of Best Herding Practice is due to be updated by meaning of a Government bill as the official and only “sustainable code of herding practice”, amendment to GoM new Budget Law (provision 60.2.8) has also been approved to indicate what activities collected tax income at the Soum budget will finance (i.e. Improve rangeland management, Improve rangeland water supply, Protect animal health and prevention from infectious disease, Improve animal quality, Protect livestock from criminal offence (thieves), Protection of natural disasters, Increase precipitation (shooting clouds?), Promote animal forage planting and creation of forage reserve at the local level, Environmental protection, Rodents control, Training and awareness raising activities for herders).

NFPUG officially acts as “focal key stakeholder” of the Cashmere Sector jointly and on behalf of the Government of Mongolia and the Mongolian MOFALI, representing more than 70% of Mongolian Nomadic Herder Households.